ABOUT Crissy Done

Crissy Done
Crissy C. Done graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BA in English. She has published several poems in literary magazines such as "Amor Fati" and "Amendment." She enjoys cooking shows and lazy days spent with her two dogs Zero and Piper.



Rose sat down and looked over at the grave in front of her that she had never seen before. She smoothed her hand over the letters she never saw written down: Evelyn Mills. Rose couldn’t believe that her mother’s body was right here. It had been ignored and forgotten for thirteen years, and it was no wonder why she couldn’t rest. She looked up to the sky, wondering where she had gone. David’s eyes grew misty. It was strange to think she was so close yet so far away. He breathed in a deep sigh and looked over to the house far away in the distance. He took Rose’s hand in his and finally thought of a way to begin. “I want to tell you a story that begins and ends with a house that fell apart.”