Deadly Liaisons


By Jessica Agnew

Publisher : Createspace Self Publishing

Deadly Liaisons

ABOUT Jessica Agnew

Jessica Agnew
Hi, my is Jessica and I write vampire romance novels. I have always been drawn to vampires. My love of them started with the lost boys, I thought they were the coolest bunch of vampires I had ever seen. Something about them just appealed to me, and then there was the romance of it all. I m More...

the lives of Eveva Whitmore and William Corvin and their struggle to find happiness and love. Still in the dead of night nothing is as simple as all that. For Eveva is a Orderly and William a vampire. The powers that be say they are not to be together, but fate plays by different rules. A game that neither of them are prepared for. Through humans, witches, blood thirsty, power hungry adversaries they will come to know their true path. ‚Äč The first book in this series is Deadly Liaisons and the story starts on Halloween night. A night that is unlike any other for Halloween is the one night of the year where everyone is free to do as they please with out fear of consequence. From the moment they meet nothing will ever be the same.