ABOUT Jan Mary Moran

Jan Mary Moran
Jan Mary Moran is  author of 'Borderline'. She lives with her tiny pooch, Petra who keeps her company while she writes and paints. As mother of one and a grandmother of two, she fifghts for time to indulge in her hobbies, in between socialising with friends and family. 2012 went out with  More...



“Toby wasn’t prepared for the impact about to hit him. He’d heard people talk about life-changing moments; he could pinpoint his to the very second it happened.”

Lecturer Toby finds himself embroiled in a relationship with one of his matures students, Jayde. He believes he’s found the woman of his dreams, until her increasingly strange behaviour starts posing threats to him, his career, and everyone he holds dear. As she begins to disappear for days on end, Toby wonders how much he really knows about the woman who shares his life.

“The only predictable thing about her was her unpredictability...”

Toby begins to make strange and disturbing discoveries about Jayde’s past. As their world collides with another family caught in a similar destructive struggle, he realises that everything is not as it seems, and sets out to find the truth.