ABOUT Quincy Allen

Quincy Allen
Well into a mid-life career change, Quincy has been published in multiple anthologies, online and print magazines as well as one omnibus. His steampunk version of Rumpelstiltskin is under contract with Fairy Punk Studios, and he’s written for the Internet radio show RadioSteam. His nov More...


The last thing Los Angeles needed was a high-tech, ex-assassin from another planet to set up shop as a Private Detective. They got one anyway. Justin Case is a smart-ass killing machine looking for a little redemption. He lives for smiles and has a real penchant for wetwork, leaving bodies - or parts of them, anyway - in his wake. In this first installment of the End Game trilogy, the messy demise of Xen Li, one of Case's closest friends, sets Case and his predatory feline Magdelain on a collision course with Gino DiMarco. Di Marco is an Italian mob boss running the L.A. drug scene, secretly hammering L.A. with T-Rex, a new designer drug that has the LAPD baffled. To solve who killed Xen and bring down DiMarco, Case will have to pull in favors from an aging, bare-knuckles brawler tied to the Russian mob and a hot-bodied, SEAL-trained sniper who makes a really mean cappuccino. He'll also have to depend upon Rachel, his tough-as-nails partner. Along the way he'll fall in love and take the biggest risk of his life by revealing the secret of his origins.