Angela 1: Starting Over

Young Adult

By David Bedford

Publisher : Progressive Rising Phoenix Press

ABOUT David Bedford

David Bedford
I was born in Fort Worth, Texas, where I live now (by some whimsical act of the Fates), but I grew up in Argentina, where my parents worked for 40 years, from the time I was a toddler until I returned to the US for college. My family has profound roots in the US (the Bedfords go back to t More...


Angela’s life has suddenly been turned upside down! Her parents recently divorced, she is forced to move, and she relocates to a coastal town in Texas. Angela struggles with feelings of guilt, blaming herself for the divorce, and enrolls in the Honors Program at her new school. She shines academically, makes new friends, but is shocked by the aggressiveness of a group of popular girls who have it in for her from the beginning. If the “mean girls” weren’t enough to contend with, the principal, Mara Petty, dislikes Angela for no apparent reason and is oblivious to the bullying that Angela endures. Angela and her friends discover something far more sinister than bullying in their school -- corruption, and they uncover actual evidence. Will the powerful people prove to be more than Angela and her friends bargained for if they expose the truth? What are the consequences, and who is responsible?