Journey With Me ABC: Children's Alphabet Adventure Learning Adventures (KDI Childrens Books)

ABOUT James Mahoney

James Mahoney
I am the owner of KDI Publishing Company.  We have published a cookbook called "Cooking Mexican".  I have also marketed a Yoga book and a book about the IPad 3.  More recently I produced a childrens book called: Journey With Me ABC: Children's Alphabet Adventure Learning Adven More...



As a children's book author I really enjoyed creating this Kindle book and I hope it will be the first of many.

Journey With Me ABC's grew out of a desire to create the types of childrens books that can be enjoyed by both parents and children together.

I want to encourage parents to read to their children. Studies have shown that reading to children is an invaluable activity that will help children to build literacy skills. Not to mention helping children to develop a love of reading.

Some Examples Of Rhymes From The Book:

A is for astronaut, way out in space,
And the apple and artichoke there on your plate.
A is a vowel, and for aardvark too—
Four others are vowels, and you’ll meet them quite soon.

B is for babboon and bananas that peel,
And bees and a bear looking for a meal.
B is a consonant that works well with others—
Like blender, broccoli, and even your brothers.

C is for crocodiles and corn-on-the-cob,
And cranes, big machines doing their job.
C starts words like crackle and crunch,
Just like the sounds when you’re eating your lunch.

You and your children will have fun teaching your children the alphabet with Journey With Me ABC's. They will
love the illustratons and the rhymes.

So I hope you decide to order Journey With Me ABC's today