What You Won't Do, Somebody Else Will

ABOUT Misi Daire

Misi Daire
Born and raised in chicago, I love writing, music, spending time with family, cooking and being in or around water.



Shakina, a writer from New York thought she had cleverly hidden her desire until it began to interfere with her relationships. Now, it has sparked a fire within her – that won't be so easily quenched. While on hiatus from men she gives in to the desire; indulging in the delicacies of choice, but when she meets Candace at a party in the Hampton's her appetite becomes insatiable. Shakina is happy in what she calls "Passions–Paradise" until a long time friend (Tony Russell) makes it known that he wants to be more, much more. Captivated by his charm, and compelled by her cravings, she is torn and must decide what's more important, satisfying her heart or her ravenous appetite.

With a 46,846 word count this is a MUST READ!