The Running Injury Recovery Program (Volume 1)

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Bruce Wilk




No matter how severe or complicated your running injury may be, The Running Injury Recovery Program and the accompanying WORKBOOK will show you how you can recover from your injury and become a better and smarter runner. In The Running Injury Recovery Program, Bruce Wilk reveals the secrets he has learned over 30 years as a physical therapist, triathlete and running coach to successfully return injured runners to healthy running. He exposes the pitfalls of nonspecific treatments for running injuries and teaches you to become your own physical therapist for running injuries.

In The Running Injury Recovery Program WORKBOOK (SOLD SEPARATELY), Wilk guides you through an individualized, step-by-step recovery program that includes self-assessment, a progressive exercise program, and post-injury running drills, including more than 60 photographs. Your recovery program is individualized to your specific injury and conditions, and is phased with checkpoints that allow you to monitor your progress and protect yourself from further injury.

CONTENTS of The Running Injury Recovery Program
Chapter 1 Do I Really Have a Running Injury?
Chapter 2 An Introduction to the Four Phases of Recovery
Chapter 3 How Bad Is My Injury?
Chapter 4 What Type of Injury Do I Have?
Chapter 5 Entering Phase One: Self-Help
Chapter 6 The Right Recovery Plan: When to Seek Professional Help
Chapter 7 Things to Watch Out For: Dope, Tricks, and Tips
Chapter 8 Running Shoes and Running Injuries
Chapter 9 Choosing the Right Shoe
Chapter 10 Entering Phase Two: Manual Therapy and Self-Mobilization
Chapter 11 Keep It Moving: Stretching and Flexibility
Chapter 12 The Psychology of Running Injuries
Chapter 13 Entering Phase Three: Training Programs and Habits
Chapter 14 Closed-Chain Exercises for Strength and Balance
Chapter 15 Fitness Walking and Glides
Chapter 16 Entering Phase Four: Accelerations and Hills
Chapter 17 Plyometrics: Building Endurance, Power, and Efficiency
Chapter 18 Life Decisions and Lifelong Running