A Hostile Takeover

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Bill Kandiliotis

Publisher : Bill Kandiliotis

A Hostile Takeover

ABOUT Bill Kandiliotis

bill kandiliotis
Bill wrote his first 'hardcore' science fiction book in second grade during book week. It was a five page interplanetary epic, with a montage front cover and full page drawings. He came second in the competition, which annoyed the hell out of him. His first ever sci fi read was Isaac Asim More...



The Bluezone: Somewhere deep within this last bastion of democratic society, segregated from the chaotic slums and destitute refugee camps, lurks a technology that could either push civilization further into the abyss, or bring forth its salvation.

Struggling to save his innovative hybrid techno-finance company from malign threats leftover from twenty-two years of severe economic depression, a young uberman ends up fighting for his life against ruthless enemies.

Corporate banksters are increasingly adopting unscrupulous strategies and tactics. Dangerous slumlords have infiltrated every facet of the economy and run their gangs like small quasi-nations.

Rebellious artificial intelligent entities, which may or may not believe the human world actually exists, are going rogue. In addition, the bluezone government, so obsessed in asserting its authority, is willing to risk all out civil war.

Not that James Tucker, a war veteran and corporate uberman by the age of nineteen, and a staunch proponent of alternative economic theorem, minds putting his life on the line. At stake is the destruction of his country, the disillusionment of his fans, and the prospect of betraying a promise he made to his daughter.


The genesis of this project began way back in 2004. Working as a corporate audio visual technician, sitting through endless conferences and business meetings, I posed the question; what if some of these corporate cats around me were actually genuine gangsters and street thugs? How would they fare in this environment? I wrote a script for a short film. I then made the mistake of fleshing it out into feature film. I don’t know how but somehow the story took a life of its own. Soon I realized a screenplay was not going to be enough. It could never be made and would therefore never find an audience. So I decided to unshackle the story from the constraints of a screenplay and found myself on a long odyssey trying to complete a novel. The novel was written on notepads, on the back of receipts, on desktops, laptops, numerous smartphones, Nokia’s, iPhones, stored on hard drives, miniSD card, the cloud, worked on it on the train going to work, during work, underneath the bed covers, in dreams within dreams. How long could this possibly take to complete?

A Hostile Takeover is true to its title on so many levels, from the opening assassination to the final climactic battle, this dystopian world pulls you in with really robust characters, each in possession of their own code of ethics. It becomes easy to care about these characters. The author does a really great job with voice and is incredible at scene building. The action scenes and class war between bluezoners, slummers, and refugians play out strong and loud. We move effortlessly through each exposition chapter following the protagonist as he tries to thwart enemies coming at him from all directions. Now, true to form for all good science fiction, it is a bit eerie with all the current events in the world, but the author never relies on cliches or puns to advance the plot or story. It is a big read, but it's also a big story that reads fast, everything plays out and pays off very well. The storyline creates several different points of view, with the virtuoids and all I had to be careful to keep it all straight, but that might have been from some late nights of reading too!