Human Dynamics and Career Growth


P.K Menon
P.K. Menon is an IIT, Madras postgraduate who has done short-time executive education program for Business Managers from IIM, Bangalore. He has over two decades of experience in the IT industry.He has worked in various management positions and delivered consumer electronics software produc More...



Through this ebook, Author talks about the complex human dynamics, inter personal relationships and politics between the different office ecosystem entities viz. Boss,Subordinates, Team members, Customers, Peers and Suppliers.

Career growth is not only dependent on producing good results, but also dependent on how you tactfully deal with the ecosystem partners to create the right perception and self image for you within the organization. Even many experienced people do not know how to deal with the complex human dynamics and politics within the organization. This ebook provides many real examples, illustrations and quotes to explain how to manage your perception within the organization to steer your career growth and hop to the top quickly.

The tips and techniques to maintain a harmonious relationship between the ecosystem partners to produce good results, were based on the Author's experience of working in the corporate world for more than 2 decades in various capacities in US,Europe and Asian countries.

There is a chapter on how to manage difficult types of Bosses.. ex: Artful Dodger,Hitler, Tactful terminator which was well appreciated by many proof readers. There is also an interesting chapter on how to manage tough customers and win business deals.