The Kingdom Vol 1 : Plague Survival

ABOUT Joshua Akinetos

Joshua Akinetos



This is a book on the survival and treatment of all epidemics and pandemics such as HIV, Cancer and Ebola. The information contained in this book is all holistic healing, so works along with the bodies natural processes while causing little to no side effects. We will be looking at natural herbal therapy, electromedicine, photonic light, ozone, healing sound vibration plus much more. While this book is predominantly a book on the survival of deadly illnesses, it is also quite spiritual in nature. So the utilization our God given ability to heal from within will also be expounded upon.

And on top of all that, snippets of ancient teachings and knowledge, as well as quotations from literary geniuses such as Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein are going to be given to drive home some of the spiritual aspects of the book. This will in turn act to expand one's mode of consciousness, so that greater levels of self empowerment and ability can be obtained.

This is the first part in what will become "The Kingdom Trilogy," the goal of which will be to begin laying the foundations of the Kingdom of truth and light that will become implemented onto this planet.