Mystery & Thrillers

By Brad Massingham

Publisher : Infinity

ABOUT Brad Massingham

Brad Massingham
Brad Massingham started writing at a young age with the hopes to simply entertain his friends. He continued to write through post-secondary school and managed to win awards for short stories. Brad has also written several plays including, The Suicide Kit, which was produced in Vancouver, C More...



After the tragic death of his wife, Boston homicide detective, Jack Kennedy, decided to take a position as police chief of a small town, in the heart of the Florida Everglades.  All Jack wanted was to finish out his career in peace and quiet. For a while, it appeared he was going to get his wish, until a mummified body was discovered in the middle of the Glades. Teaming up with FBI Special Agent Kathryn Burke, the two managed to uncover a 40-year-old conspiracy that reached to the very heights of the federal government.