Broth: Elixir of Life

ABOUT Patricia Lacoss-Arnold

Patricia Lacoss-Arnold
Patty was introduced to traditional foods in 2006. Broth was one of the first foods that she attempted to make and it quickly became a regular part of her family's diet. When she began GAPS ™ for her whole family in 2009 her broth making went to a whole new level. Patty's family of four  More...



Broth: Elixir of Life is a comprehensive discussion of all aspects of bone broth. Broth is a substance that is ubiquitous to all human cultures. It is found in remote rural villages and 5 star restaurants in crowded cities. It contains nutrition in an easily assimilated liquid form that is necessary for human health and vitality. Broth is a fundamental part of an economical real foods diet. It stretches the budget by reducing (but not eliminating) the need for meats while simultaneously increasing health. Forget and apple a day for good health, how about a cup of broth a day!


Broth: Eixir of Life is sure to have ideas for those new to broth making and for those who have been making broth for years. This book describes what broth is and the benefits of it. It also dedicates a chapter to how to get more broth into reluctant broth drinkers. It includes a variety of methods for broth making that are sure to fit any lifestyle. The wide variety of flavor possibilities is explored while making the basics of cooking broth simple to understand and adapt to your own situation.