ABOUT Maximo Kovak

Maximo Kovak
After his books successes, many people are wondering who is Maximo Kovak. Because of the nature of some of his work, the author decided to hide under a pen name however Maximo welcome all his fans and friends to contact him at any time. Maximo was born in Spain but has been living in th More...


Definitely this book is making people talk. The controversial memoirs of a male escort in London is becoming the next stop for the Fifty Shades of Grey readers. A book that is attracting the curiosity of readers of all ages and all kinds of sexual preferences.

Have you ever spanked a Rabbi?

Walked into a 5 star hotel with a briefcase full of sex toys?

Perhaps bedded a Royal Prince?

“First Floor, Room 16” is the hilarious and detailed confessions of a male escort working in London. The book follows the exploits of Pedro the escort, the personal life of Pablo and how these two live side by side as one person.

Pedro brings the money and Pablo spends it and makes decisions.

Pedro is a dominant rough top in bed and Pablo is a submissive naughty bottom.

Pablo influences Pedro’s sexual activities by adding new techniques, styles or sexual games that he learnt with his lovers, and Pedro uses them with his clients. Pablo is very organised, creative and charming so Pedro absorbs these qualities and uses them in his work.

Pedro takes us on adventures through posh hotels and trips with Royals, with twists and turns that find him in some bizarre situations, moments of danger and in far corners of the world.

Pablo on the other hand takes us on a journey of self-discovery; learning about love and relationships, financial management and how to have a life separate to the escorting world.

Through entertaining anecdotes and vivid description, the pair teach us about the dos and don’ts of the industry and also of life itself, while breaking the modern day stereotypes of the escorting industry and of those who work in it.