ABOUT Craig Inglis

Craig Inglis
I was born in Kansas City, Missouri, December 8, 1950. I have been writing all my life. I have had articles published in the L.A. Times and have written over 80 songs. I received a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology, learning about people and their searches for a deeper meaning in life. I also  More...



Can a terrier named Lucky bounce back from some bad luck?  "Lucky," the illustrated children's book by Craig Inglis, is a puppy tale any child will love. With an easy-to-read story and beautiful illustrations by Richard Kinsey, this uplifting, enlightening picture book shows children that they can overcome even the most challenging of problems with the love of friends and with plenty of determination. Positive and joyful, this highly instructive book will spark animal lovers everywhere, and show children the power of positive thinking in difficult times, such as a life-changing physical disability, through the triumphant story of a lovable, plucky dog named Lucky.