Brand Yourself God's Way: Discovering your purpose in God's Plan

Brand Yourself God's Way: Discovering your purpose in God's Plan

ABOUT Alicia Bailey

Alicia Bailey
Alicia E. Bailey California Real Estate Broker and Entrepreneur Owner of Dusted Sprinkled with Purpose kids clothes line, evangelist and motivational speaker. She firmly believes every person has a gift to give the world. This belief combined with Alicia’s interest in marketing and busin More...



You are a divine product, uniquely created by God to realize your natural talents and use them for his glory. The path of glory leads to unimaginable wealth, not just spiritual, but physical as well. I know because I have walked this path. My story took me from rags to riches: from abuse and prostitution to owning two businesses and public speaking in churches and conventions around the world. For a long time I struggled to understand who I was. I did not understand I was the Lord’s servant. He had a plan for me. Though I felt his presence, I didn’t have the courage to accept his challenges. Like many people, I lost my way and found myself in the throes of a deep identity crisis. My life became a long series of detours. I struggled to find my way back to God. I didn’t know how to use my gift, my voice. The Parable of Talents in the Bible talks about the consequences of not using the talent God gave you. I was in danger of becoming one of God’s faithless. “For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them” (Mathew 25:29).