Ancient Fire (Ancient Fire Chronicles of Shonna Wells)

Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult

By Judi Calhoun


ABOUT Judi Calhoun

Judi Calhoun



Shonna Wells is a Slayer, and one of a group of teens that carry Triune Power, and armed with a sword of hallowed metal she protects innocent lives and fight the evil that inflicts misery on the Children of earth...demons.
Spiritually wise beyond her years, Shonna along with other Slayers face off against Belial's wicked minions to demonstrate Yesher's sovereignty in their small Massachusetts town.
The battle becomes very personal when Shonna's widowed mother unknowingly is engaged to marry a Familiar Spirit who has taken on the human form of Ian Corbet. Distracted by her own developing relationship with fellow Slayer, Jake Hannaford, Shonna struggles to maintain her focus on rescuing her mother from Ian's nefarious plot, even if it means personally killing her new stepfather... or die trying.

Sort of a sequel to the first book "Sword of Yesher" but Shonna is older, in High School. This book has been 5 years in the making, I've gone through 4 professional editors and a ton of willing test audience readers.