Mind Games

ABOUT Christine Deurloo

christine deurloo
Christy was born in the Low Lands. She moved across two ponds to end up in Ireland where she feels most at home. She shares her house and garden with Bobby and Mohamed, her two cats. She leads the reader inside the psyche of the characters, deep into the darkest corners of their minds. Whe More...



Scientists in the Thompson Research Station (TRS) have been working on a semi-synthetic virus. When a test tube goes missing the suspicion falls on Edgar Ellis, one of the scientists.

 On the same evening of the disappearance of the tube a young Latino is found death in a car dump.  As soon as Detective Sarah Wolters discovers the victim is Rodrigo Mendez, the son of her new boyfriend, she takes the case personal.

In the midst of this all a mentally ill patient from Dublin Ireland is about to take part in medical experiments, not knowing he is going to be deeply involved with a terrorist group.

All he wants is to get rid of the voices in his head

Mind games travels through two continents, via five different countries.


Researching my thesis Schizophrenia Social model v Medical model, the final project for my Counseling and Psychology study in 2008, the idea for the book arose. Soon she discovered that writing a full length book was not easy and a certain level of madness was required. To be an author and believing in yourself you need to have a multiple personality, how else can you create the characters?

The book is very cinematic. The descriptions are vivid and well observed. There is no hanging around and an overflow of words. The pace moves with a good rhythm, is fast and to the point.


Very cinematic. The descriptions were vivid and well observed. The writing was quite spare and the pace moved with a good rhythm. Fast and to the point.

Casimir Greenfield

An action-packed introduction to the story. Christy has set the scene for much more intrigue and suspense. Reads like a film, it’s very visual. I'm looking forward to reading more.

Susan Greenleaf