A Dog's Religion

ABOUT Joel Robitaille

Joel Robitaille
Joel Robitaille is currently a case manager for a local SFILP. He attended Wilfrid Laurier and Ashland Theological Seminary with the intention of writing books that encourage people to bring mindfulness to their spiritual lives. After writing A Dog's Religion, Joel began to volunteer at  More...



When Grant's ex-girlfriend, Emily, found herself homeless, he felt compelled to take her in. Since they shared so much in common, it seemed only natural that he would develop feelings for her again. His life, like hers, lacked a foundation: his beliefs were mixed up; he had no contact with his family; and he had no clear direction. If anything was sustaining him, it had to be the shelter. In dogs, Grant recognized an extraordinary irony. As far as animals go, dogs are the perfect conductor of unconditional love, and yet they are reliant on fate as to whether or not that love ever finds an object. By advocating for lonely dogs, Grant is able to find a renewed sense of purpose. The job, however, comes with a heavy emotional toll that is preventing his relationship with Emily from blossoming into something more. With Emily threatening to leave and the demands of his job catching up to him, Grant knows the choices he makes during this period of transition will have lifelong implications.