No Glass House

General Fiction

By Lydia Phillips

Publisher : Amazon

ABOUT Lydia Phillips

Lydia Phillips
Lydia L. Phillips lives in Atlanta, GA. Lydia credits her writing influences to authors Terry McMillan, Alexander Dumas, Alice Walker, Zora Neal Hurston and Lorraine Hansberry. L Lydia L. Phillips lives  in Atlanta, GA. ​ Lydiacredits herwriting influencesto authorsTerryMcMillan, More...



Simone Martin – CEO of CHATA’s Shoes/Handbags Factory

It was always something with family; hell, I don’t know why God chose this family for me! Aunt Betty called me at least once a week to discuss marriage and how I was sinning with Kion. Never once did she ask about my health or my business. The fact that I could possibly be happy never occurred to her. She was too stuck on why I was not living as an upright Christian.

Kion King – Plastic Surgeon

Women are so damn desperate for a man. That shit is a definite turn off. Everyday pussy is being thrown in my face as if they have no self-respect. Whatever happened to honor and having to win a woman’s heart? I ain’t trying to sound like no punk. I think about sex all the time, except when operating, playing chess or golf. I remember when men flirted with women and made them blush.

Gye Thomas – Investment Banker

No woman except Sasha could hold his attention. He loved everything about her, especially her mind. 36-24-36, caramel complexion, long black hair and big brown eyes. She wasn’t as freaky in the bed as he liked, but she excited him.

Sasha Mitchell – Attorney

“I forgave you a long time ago, I don’t hold grudges, it’s not healthy for one’s soul.”

Marvin Johnson – Judge

“Richard O’Neal, you are hereby sentenced to 175 years in the Georgia State Prison without parole for the heinous crime of rape and murder of a nine-month-old baby boy. This court is dismissed!”

Deidra Johnson – Commercial/Residential Real Estate Broker

“I’m thinking about liposuction. Hell, I need somebody to cut all this fat away. Its them damn Lay’s potato chips and bread; they just will not leave my ass alone. Genice will be leaving in August and I’m trying to deal with that too.”

Philip Reese – CEO of Philip’s Architectural Design Firm

“Terrance, baby, let’s be real clear about one thing, and If I’m not mistaken, this is our third time revisiting a non-issue. I’m married with two children and I swear no one will ever know about you and I. The question for the last time is, can you honestly handle my situation? If not, we need to end it here and now!”

Bridgette Reese – Corporate VP Manager

“I wish they all had some type of branding on their faces, so that women could see them for who they really are or let them die the hell off! Black women are dying by the thousands because of AIDS.”

Terrance Jamison – Artist

Terrance walked over to the nightstand and picked up the box. “This is for you.” Philip unwrapped the gift and removed the lid. It was a Movado watch with eighteen diamonds and a sapphire crystal. Terrance kissed Philip and said, “I missed you.”

Jackie Mills – Claims Adjuster

Jackie stood up and said, “You think that you got all the answers. Deidra, you ain’t happy in your mansion with your judge husband. Both of y’all been faking the funk from day one!”

Drama, suspense, comedy, romance and truth all rolled up into these fiction novels of relationships, marriages on the rocks, couples unable to commit, undefined love, issues faced in the lives of these professional African Americans.


Lydia Phillips has written an incredible fiction novel, "No Glass House." I really enjoyed all of the twists and turns that she wrote into her plot. The story is mainly about the intertwined lives of ten key people. These characters are either friends or relatives. Over the years their relationships have evolved or disintegrated. Events that are currently taking place force change into their lives. Some of the changes are positive; the other ones are forced due to betrayals.As the characters adapt to their new situations, they experience some tremendous emotional growth. Ms. Phillips left no stone unturned; in this story she includes tons of infidelity including statutory rape and homosexuality, temptations, and racial issues. What is really scary is how, on the surface, the characters seem so normal. But underneath it all, they have their bad habits. The perfect husband with the wife and two children is gay. The sister of the couple with the not-so-good relationship has a husband who is having sex with her fifteen-year-old daughter. The husband of this sister married his wife because she was pregnant and now has affairs to get his needs met. The drama goes on.What makes it scary? This seems to be how it is in real life. We fool ourselves with the illusions that things are how we would like them to be, yet underneath it all, things are pretty messed up, especially when it comes to betrayal in relationships. In reality we see so many relationships that appear normal falling apart due to infidelity. "The Perfect Couple" turns out not to be so perfect. It is scary because this happens so often. In "No Glass House," Ms. Phillips has these issues appearing in her story and they are frighteningly real. Life has taught me about the realities of these situations. What I loved about this book is that each woman in it survived the situation and got stronger. That is very empowering.I highly recommend "No Glass House." You will definitely appreciate the strength of the woman and their friends that comes from the pages. If you think that you have the perfect life and are in denial about the realities of the issues in this novel, then you will just enjoy it for its fictional qualities. It is an awesome story. I think it would also be perfect for women's reader groups. seuss book collection sets cat hat