ABOUT Nick Haskins

Nick Haskins
Nick Haskins is the author of On the Edge of Heat, Jamal, and his latest novel, My Husband's Wife. Nick was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. His passion for writing began at a very young age. He completed his first book early 2009. He is actively working on his fourth novel, Betrayed, sche More...



Lonely, sex-deprived, and horny could pretty much sum up the lives of Ms. Taylor Marie Bradley-Baxter, LaTavia Toyer, and Alexis Kennedy. Taylor Marie desired to be licked in places her ex-husband Winston never knew existed. LaTavia wanted all of her misery and shame to be fucked away, while Beverly Hills Princess, Alexis Kennedy, was just a rich girl that wanted to have fun. Jamal's three victims needed him in one way or another, and he was more than happy to oblige. But there's only one catch--Jamal is nothing more than a vivid fantasy that comes equipped when answering the night calls of sex-starved, lonesome bodies needing attention. His oiled abs, honey brown eyes, fat tongue and 12" package never seems to make it form behind these women closed eyelids. He gets into their heads and offers up the best mind-fuck ever experienced before he disappears, leaving nothing behind but memories of forbidden sex acts that never actually happened. When Taylor, LaTavia, and Alexis reaches out to Jamal he's made available only to slide between their legs to make their worlds complete . . . make their lives come alive . . . make them chant out his name in glory right before their time together comes to an end. The one name fantasy then vanishes without a trace even faster than he appeared once his job is done.