The Struggle for the Authentic Self, Creating Your True Self for a Peaceful World

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Felix Padilla
A Professor of Sociology, Dr. Felix Padilla, has taught at several universities and written many academic works. Over the course of his life, personal experiences have led Dr. Padilla on a journey to attain the authentic self. Dr. Padilla is passionately dedicated to helping awaken in peo More...


The Struggle for the Authentic Self: Creating Your True Self for a Peaceful World concerns itself with the issue of self identity and awareness, as such, it is built around two inter-related and very central questions: "Who is the real me?" and "What is my purpose for living in the human world?" In response to these two and other related questions, the book's purpose is to awaken in individuals an intense desire to live an authentic reality, recognizing that their self identity is not their true, authentic self for it does not originate from their true nature. Dr. Padilla integrated the work of social scientists, philosophers, quantum physicists, spiritual mystics, writers and practitioners, literary writers, singers and his personal experience to create a text which aims to inspire individuals to recognize that the attainment of the authentic self represents the ultimate, infinite purpose for which they live in the human world. That all other "finite" purposes, like the pursuit of happiness and love, living in caring and compassion cannot come prior to the attainment of the authentic self. How can a person feel love for self and others when that person does not know self from within the essence and beauty of his/her true nature? Dr. Padilla uses the word struggle in the title of the book to firmly establish how the attainment of the authentic self represents a struggle, a battle or fight to be waged against the conditioned "lesser self" or the self that society and individuals collaborated to create. Society is fully equipped with a wide array of forces of influence to sway individuals away from the authentic self so to ensure that they develop into and remain living as normal, ordinary, lesser self beings. But once we agree to take on this struggle, this fight and win, once we give ourselves the permission to become the true authentic self, we will experience true freedom; we will experience true, ever-lasting love and happiness; we will experience the most incredible connection with the rest of the world, making us want to naturally and with profound heart-felt love inspire others to take on the struggle for the authentic self.

Since its original publication in December, 2010. Dr. Padilla has been told stories by many readers about how The Struggle for the Authentic Self came into their lives at the right time, at a time when they were feeling lost and helpless and its teachings inspired them to begin to see themselves and the world through a set of new and different eyes and to start remaking their lives according to the feelings and emotions of their true nature. Published recently (June 25, 2013) in a new edition, The Struggle for the Authentic Self is not a self help book in the conventional sense. It is highly original, deeply grounded in both social science knowledge and understanding as well as in spiritual wisdom and practice. As such, the book was not prepared to preach at readers. Instead, it aims to awaken them to the greatness of the authentic self, a greatness that takes “struggle” or a conscious battle to bring forth in a society where most people live in-authentic lives, that is, where most people live in false consciousness.

Review by Cathy Theus Brown

Felix Padilla’s book "The Struggle for the Authentic Self" is an excellent read. It is written in such a way that it gives very understandable information on how to achieve the ability to become, not the person society expects us to be, but your true, individual Authentic Self, very challenging, and I'm still on the path to working on it personally myself, but Very Achievable too, helping you to regain who you really are, and not who you grew up believing you had to be. It helps you to reach a higher level of consciousness of who you are, what you can be, and releasing the limitations you've grown to think is all there is. There's so much more within us than we could ever imagine. Thank you Felix for the opportunity to work toward the Struggle for the Authentic Self.

Review by Mariamme Baum

The Struggle for the Authentic Self not only saved my life, it made it simply ecstatic in so many aspects, and everyday becoming more authentic feels like a blessing!!! So many reasons to be grateful to have you in my life as a writer, a teacher and a mentor, thank you for who you are and for this inspiring book.  Authentic ~M

Review by Carisa A. Kenworthy

I highly recommend the book The Struggle for the Authentic Self written by Felix Padilla. The book is truly inspiring and if everyone could take the time to read it, the world would be a better place. Professor Padilla helps us to do some soul searching to find who we really are, and why we are here. Everyone has an Authentic Self deep inside. One that has not been tarnished by the marks and rules society puts on us. Once we find our true authentic selves we have found life!

Arturo Arevalo, UMass Boston

I just keep reading your book at a pace that I cannot stop (taking into account that I can only read a book while on the train). I just started chapter sixteen, and since chapter 10 I’ve wanted to let you know that your writing reminds me a lot of Paulo Coelho and the secret and the law of attraction, but I know it doesn't stop there the journey ahead of us is full of achievements, happiness and stumbling upon challenges that makes us stronger. It's not an easy task to think about the same thought for more than six seconds, but I’ll try.