The Black Fairy and the Dragonfly

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Paul Day
I am an experienced writer and Author of dozens of books and thousands of poems. I have been writing for many years, specializing in poetry and stories for young readers and am a qualified school teacher with two degrees, with majors in English and Drama. I'm one of 9 children with two gro More...



After Lilly is abandoned, the little black fairy embarks on a journey to find her true purpose. Along the way she forges an unusual friendship with a dragonfly and a lasting alliance with the Dragonfly Kingdom. Hers is a journey full of wonder, adventure and danger. When all the other fairies suddenly vanish, leaving no trace behind, Lilly is forced to face her past and confront an unseen evil. If she is to triumph, she will need to draw on all her skills, as well as a rare magic hidden deep within. Only then can she rescue the fairies, destroy evil and restore the kingdom.

The book started as a single poem. Then I wrote the Prologue based on a visual image I had in my mind about an orphaned little fairy quite unlike any other. Then I decided to make her black to completely distinguish her from the other fairies. From there I wrote a first draft, followed by a second and third and then hired the services of an editor. The book has since been through a few incarnations and is now ready for the public.

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