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Anastacia Hawkins
Anastacia (Stacey) Hawkins grew up as a California girl in the suburbs of L.A. County. Her father was a dancer, her mother a beautiful artist, but Anastacia could neither dance nor draw. Instead, she found her passion in writing. In college, she majored in English and Communications. She h More...



There's a new enemy in Larkspur. Kieron of Wickland will stop at nothing in order to gain the power and position he believes he deserves. As Kieron forges a deal with Darkness, King Alastar of Larkspur boldly sets out to pour the Areli Light into the hearts of his people, the same Light that turned a castle wall into a pile of rubble, and led Larkspur's previous enemies into their imprisonment in the Murky Realm.

In this anticipated sequel to the fantasy adventure, Larkspur, Taylor, Leslie, and Mason return to Larkspur to be infused with the Areli Light in order to help defend the land and people they have come to love. As they face new challenges and form new friendships, their loyalties will be tested, and their hopes and dreams divided. Will the Light bring peace once more? Or will Darkness overcome it?

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