The Return of the Titans (The Titan's Legacy)

The Return of the Titans (The Titan's Legacy)

ABOUT James Thompson

James Thompson
I have been writing for many years, mainly for my own enjoyment. But now seemed like the time to finally publish some of my work. I also work full time and write in my off time. Writing is a passion and I hope that passion comes through in my books.



Justin McLeod's life has taken a turn for the worse. Small for his age and in his first year of high school, Justin's only friend has become a bully and harasses him at every turn. But Justin has a secret. He feels no pain from the punches and shoves that come his way and, at his mother's request, must pretend to be normal even though he wants to fight back.
A mysterious message on his computer sends him in search of knowledge about the legendary Titans. While at the local library, he is confronted by a frightening group of men who follow him and attack his home.
Justin must escape, but there seems no way out and leaving his ailing mother behind is something Justin does not want to do. But Justin's mother and a family friend urge him to get to a place of safety; a sanctuary where he may, perhaps, learn more about his strange gift and it's connection with the long-dead Titans.