Exiles of Raifor (Raifor Saga)

ABOUT Claude Ashton

Claude Ashton
Claude Ashton is a new writer on the scene. His first book, Exiles of Raifor is a Science-Fiction/Fantasy Adventure, and was released on May 11th, 2013. Claude started writing short stories in Middle School, and continued this through High School. During this time he honed his craft on mes More...



In a universe of magic and science the Eternal Empire of Raifor has enjoyed four hundred years of peace following a period of bloodshed known as the Cataclysm. Now, after the throne of the rightful Empress was usurped by her heir, war has returned to the galaxy. There are those who will play a role in the coming conflict. The soldier forced into a position of responsibility that he cannot handle alone. The ambitious Duchess who reaches for power far beyond her limits, in spite of all who stand in her way. An infamous pirate forced into the very responsibility she has been avoiding. And the heiress whose only wish is to escape the responsibility of inheritance. Ancient secrets are awoken, and those who possess them hold the keys to power in a war which will test the limits of the greatest Empire the galaxy has ever known.