Life on the Leading Edge: A Traveling Companion

ABOUT Alaniya Patton

Alaniya Patton
Alaniya Patton grew up in Switzerland and lived there for 34 years. In 1995, she followed a vision and emigrated to the Pacific Northwest of the United States and created a home in Eugene, OR where she is raising her two teenage daughters. After many explorations in the business world, she More...



This book offers inspired quotes of wisdom covering an array of life’s topics. Each quote is followed by the candidly honest account of experiences along an unconventional spiritual path. Spoken from a unique perspective at the leading edge of time, the author shares her tale for the sake of bringing joy through diversity without assertion as to the rightfulness of any particular life journey. The author’s innate understanding of energy patterning and flow is apparent in the energetic weave that is present in the wording of the chapters. The readers of this book will receive enough food for thought to satisfy the intellect, but may also find themselves uplifted in energetic frequency, which will enhance the experience of alignment with the non-physical source that lies at the core of every physical form of expression. This book is a true companion for seekers and non-seekers alike. It is a collection of ideas and concepts that go beyond the everyday understanding of our existence and open the doors for an evolutionary paradigm shift toward understanding life and our purpose in it.