The Case of the Plucked Chicken

The Case of the Plucked Chicken

ABOUT Rodney Evans

Rodney Evans
Rodney Evans was a Coast Guard Reservist. He was in the midst of creating a career in helping small businesses start-up when activated a few days after 9/11; which was also Rodney’s 35th birthday. Life as he knew it came to a screeching halt and he changed his life to become a military o More...



Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Find the answers in this book!

Journey through a world where chickens have gone rogue.  They innocently scare the daylights out of everyone in Darlinia, except the children. 

But have no fear, the Sheriff is here!  He bravely searches for clues to solve the case of birds with a peculiar attitude. 

You'll giggle your way through a magical world and discover a million more reasons why the chicken may have criossed the road.