The Marriage Counselor's Secret Life

Humor, Romance, General Fiction

By Kevin Allen

Publisher : CreateSpace

The Marriage Counselor's Secret Life

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Kevin Allen
Kevin Allen is Author of such books as Into the Vein: Revelation & Revealer, Unlocking your Success Gene, Mal's Complication, and Shadow of the Streets: Midnight. Writing in an unconventional style the author brings a fresh voice to the literary world and an imagination that will chall More...



As a marriage Counselor, Evans Simms has seen a lot in his life. His job is primarily to see his clients’ failing marriages and find solutions to healing them, or ending them. Along the way he has developed a very good business and all his clients see him as having a good life. Evan makes a dam good living and it shows by what he owns. Evan has a great life according to what everyone sees. That is until you take a good look at his life. Evan Simms, Marriage Counselor has been married to an invisible woman, Luan for four years. Their lives have been lived separately for the majority of those four years. Evan rarely gets home to see his wife at home, and she in turn rarely gets home to see him. She is also a heavy drinker that usually shows up drunk to a point where he cannot hold a conversation with her. For Evan, he has lived a very lonely four years of working and nights with an empty bed. When Evan runs into a woman, Linda who is on equal footing, in terms of a mutual experience with love and life. He quickly connects with her. Within days they develop a strong emotional connection, things begin to spiral quickly, and the two must make decisions that will impact every aspect of their lives. At the same time Luan is forced to acknowledging the feelings she has never understood about herself, pertaining to her husband. She is forced to reexamine her relationship and her feelings for Evan. But is it too late? Will Evan break his vows to be with Linda, or will he continue to nurture a wife who suddenly finds she is in love with him? Will Evan’s life continue in secret or will his entire façade be exposed for the world to see?

What can happen when a person does not take care of what is at home, even if they are the most loyal person in the world.