A Whisper in the Night

A Whisper in the Night

ABOUT Casey Nash

Casey Nash
Casey L. Nash was born in Australia, where she still lives. Casey loves music nearly as much as she loves a good story. She enjoys playing music on any instrument that she can get hold of (as long as her dog doesn't steal it from her first.) She has a strong interest in the paranormal and  More...



The sequel to What Lay in the Dark

“It was promised a life. It will have one.”

When Ailia moved to Scotland, she expected a life of peace. Instead, she became targeted by a demon and was thrown into a dangerous world where no-one is the person they seem to be.
Egan, the man Ailia loves, will do anything he can to protect her and banish the demon once and for all.
The battle for Ailia’s freedom has begun, but no-one knows just how much it will take to defeat the demon. All they know is that their time is running out.