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David Sterne
I am a graduate of U of Califronia with a degree and biology and of Long Island University with a masters in education.  I have always wanted to be a writer and I found myself drawn to spiritual topics.  I spent years studying Judaism in the US as well as Israel, and I found a niche tran More...


This is the siddur (shacharit - morning prayers) with Chasidut.  There are translated excerpts from all of the Chabad rebbeim, including virtually all that the Rebbe Rashab (1860-1920) wrote on the subject of prayer.  The excerpts accompany the prayers and are arranged around the words of the prayers so that the reader/worshipper may peruse them as he prays.  There is a technique (called hitbonenut) to meditative prayer that is revealed in this book - it is described in the commentary that also surrounds the words of the prayers from above.  Nothing like this has ever been published before in English - this is at once both a practical prayerbook and an instruction and reference volume - 600 pages long.  "Daven Chabad" and "Mind over Heart" are identical inside, but "Daven Chabad is available as either a 6x9" softback in black and white or as a 7x10" hardback in one color.  "Mind over Heart" is a 6.5x9.5"  hardback in one color.