Free as a Bird in a Healing Garden

ABOUT Patricia Matthew

Patricia Matthew
I was born and educated in Kent, U.K and later trained to teach Biology under the London Institute. I married and had two children and now live in Southport, a beautiful, Victorian, seaside toen in the north of England. I began creative writing relatively late in life while studying for an More...


Fate brought them together. Had her condition not been mis-diagnosed,lonely psychiatrist, Luciano McKinnon, would never have met Kate and fallen in love with her when she was admitted to the hospital psychiatric unit where he worked as a consultant. He would not have become involved with her dysfunctional family and there would be no story, a story encompassing the plight of London's homeless, the delights of Paris and a beautiful, Mediterranean island.

'Free as a Bird in a Healing Garden' is a heart-wrenching and memorable story about domestic upheaval, love, loss and family secrets. It is also about survival, new beginnings and courage.