Fossils of Memory

ABOUT Kruti Mehta

kruti mehta
Kruti ┬áMehta is a Science graduate. She has done her Masters in Mass Communication from MIT in 2010. She is an aspiring author and social worker. She is a journalist turned content-writer working for some big names. You can follow her blog on or follow h More...


In the small beautiful village of Avina lived Rhiana Fosters. Rhiana has everything that a girl could wish for. Still life is dark and suffocated for her. She gets strange dreams about people and places that are unknown to her. Insurmountable problems with mysterious events and strange accidents engulf her life. Why is this happening to her? Does it mean anything? Is someone trying to give her a message? Rhiana makes the journey towards finding the answers to these questions. But DANGER awaits her. Will Rhiana free herself from these mysterious happenings or is she destined to be locked in it FOREVER.