Healing Fibromyalgia: A medical researcher's personal journey out of the pain and despair of Fibromyalgia

Health, Mind & Body

By Ewa Danuta Białek

Publisher : Green Leaf Publishers

ABOUT Ewa Danuta Białek

Ewa Danuta Białek
I am an immunologist, a specialist in clinical diagnostics, and a long-time researcher at the Academy of Medicine and Postgraduate Medical School in Warsaw, Poland. I completed postgraduate studies in psychology at the Summit University (USA) and a number of professional courses, including More...



Dr. Ewa Danuta Bialek Ph.D is a medical researcher that suffered from the pain and dispair of fibromyalgia for years due to a traumatic childhood.

Traditional methods were not helping her heal from fibromyalgia. In this personal journey she reveals how she discovered the whole body approach to holistic healing that involves healing the psyche and the body. It incorporates a broad vision of both the causes (roots of the disease), and effects, and a holistic approach to support what was damaged, neglected and ignored and what is still healthy and full of life. This is a guide for:
  • Women suffering from rheumatic disorder known as fibromyalgia. If've you been told to mask symptoms with pills, you need to read this.  
  • Physicians looking who want to broaden treatments by including a whole body and mind approach, not just focusing on symptoms but considering the life history of a patient and their psychological problems.
The book both offers hope to improve the quality of life and provides ways to reconnect with the power that heals the root or cause of problems. It also supports readers to make their own decisions and choices concerning their health and disease.
Psychothesis is one of her treatments among others. But this book will also help you free yourself from painful conditions which are also psyche and lifestyle related.
Keywords: fibromyalgia, healing fibromyalgia, rheumatism, autoimmuni disease, psychoghesis, midfullness, lifestyle changes, holistic healing, medical and holistic healing solutions, life coaching.

About my education and qualifications: Since the early 90s of the XX century, I participated in a dozens of different national professional training programs (J. Raudner, Peczko) and abroad. . I was a student of Dr. E. Breadner of F & A Führung & Absatz AG), and have many teachers from abroad participating in the training at the Center for Creative Leadership. Among them there are as follows: Dr. H. Porrath-Lunken, B. Battaglia, J. Janowitz, K. Murhpy, W. Foster, Professor. J.W. Cullen - author of the MBA program managerial and organizational Psychosynthesis, Dr. V. King - creator of the "inner theater" technique, Dr. J. Lee (USA) - expert in coaching for companies, Dr. J. Truch (GB) - personal development consultant, Dr. R. Kea M. Peterson (Netherlands) - creator of programs for teachers, Dr. C. Ishigaki (USA) - the management of companies. I also participated in many scientific and educational conferences in Poland and abroad. . I constantly raise my qualifications at the top of the mentors, including Bob Proctor, Bob Doyle, Joe Vitale, Harrison Klein, Jack Canfield, the Academy of Coaching in London, and recently Max Simon and Brian Whettena Ph.D. (Entrepreneur COACHING-Core Coaching), also ACE Traing leaded by Barbara Marx-Hubbard. I have graduated at American University of NLP as a CERTIFIED LIFE COACH and MASTER LIFE COACH. My personal story All my life I have been looking for solution for my health problems, caused by traumatic childhood experiences. Many years later they created the symptoms of diseases caused by stress. . I have not found any good answers or relief from the medicine, to whom I dedicated 23 years of my professional work and research. . I found it in the "synthesis" of my experiences, life wisdom, in which helped me psychosynthesis, allowing me to see "the roots" of my health problems inherent in the traumatic experiences of childhood. I learned by and through it many techniques for working with myself, even going beyond it into energy psychology and medicine, and looking in such sciences as physics and quantum mechanics. . The foundation of all my work is my story. Health problems plagued me since 2 years of age. I was constantly sick. Subsequent years brought me many diagnosis: and 40 years after I felt disability and pain everywhere and took a lot of drugs in tablets, drops, ointments, injections At this time I stopped to walk normally, or move without suffering incredible pain. . I never gave up despite the "medical judgments" and constantly looked for answers to my questions. I studied medical sciences: clinical diagnostics, immunology, received PhD, specialization; working as a scientist (23 years) at Medical Academy and, Postgraduate Medical School. After years I found prescription for my health. Contact with Psychosynthesis enabled me to reach the grounds of my health problems to decode them and to start recovery. . In these years, I made a change of direction in my life and started to look for the cause of my health problems - on a psychological level, which leaded me to the root of diseases caused by stress, (psychosomatic, self-immunaggressive disorders). At the end I have diagnosed Fibromyalgia - one of the newest, described residually, generalized muscle pain disorder, ligaments, fascia. The Institute of Rheumatology confirmed the diagnosis offering steroids. . The outcome of my inner work was creation of my programs of diseases prevention - "HEALTH EDUCATION" and "SELF_EDUCATION" - so there is no need of therapy. Another effect is my exceptional creativity, which led me to write 25 books and over 130 scientific articles. PRESENT: I have been succeded, because not only I decoded my own health problems (gastric mucosa insuficiency, gastric and duodenal ulcers, coronary heart disease, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and others). Meanwhile I created the foundation for an integrated approach to health and human development and "a model of education for the future".

"It was delightful to spend time with Ewa in our Coaching circle, and she brought many insights into our one-to-one sessions as well as to the group. She 'walks her talk', weaving all aspects of her life and experience with the skills and awareness she has developed over time, into a beautiful 'synthesis'. She is open and sensitive, focused and clear, with a wonderful vision for the world. I highly recommend Ewa to guide you on your journey back to yourself." -- Morag Paterson Conscious Evolution Coach integral health practitioner MSc MCIPD ITEC AAMET
"I had the wonderful experience in 2012 and 2013 of having some coaching time with Ewa of the Ewa Bialek Instytut. It was amazing! Ewa is so knowledgeable, has been around the healing modalities as practitioner and author for many years. She is insightful, attentive and focused on the task of bringing out the best in her clients to see them on the path of their healing. I would recommend her services to anyone who is truly interested in going the extra mile on the journey to total wellness". --Sharron Cosgrove MPM, PC, Wakefield, Quebec