One Year On Meade Street

Young Adult, Romance, Humor

By Patrick Sean Lee

Publisher : Createspace

ABOUT Patrick Sean Lee

Patrick Sean Lee
Patrick Sean Lee grew up in the city of Denver where he was educated and began his long career in writing.  He moved to Southern California in 1978 with his family, and currently resides in Mission Viejo. In 2005 Patrick went back to school to learn the difficult craft of writing a novel, More...



13 year-old Jimmy McGuire just wants to see things burn. Matchsticks in the old neighborhood theater. Plastic soldiers in the basement. The riled up anthill in the vacant lot across the street. He wants to resurrect a dying snake. Look at the stars at night and imagine undressed Martian Girls, and make a pipe bomb rocket that will reach the stratosphere (or accidentally kill someone). He wants to win the local Soapbox Derby race, but he has no wheels for his racer, so he wants to “borrow” them from a neighbor’s wagon. Just until he wins the race. He’s a good kid. Skip Morley just wants to keep his next-door neighbor and best friend out of trouble, but Jimmy’s tongue is golden. It’s a losing battle time and again. Midway through that fateful year Skip meets Carol Hudson, the prettiest girl in the neighborhood. Jimmy meets Sara Bernstein—“Gins”—a wannabe Beatnik from Manhattan. All the bets change. But before they meet their first loves, Jimmy and Skip will meet “The Skulls”, the most vicious gang around in a series of running battles that could spell death for someone. Open the doors to One Year On Meade Street, a remarkably different, hilarious and tragic coming of age romance.