A heart that breaks the soil

ABOUT Monica Lee

Monica Lee
Reading and writing is my passion. Growing up in home where we shared stories as a family, story telling became a pastime. Not until recently that I begun to feel a need to write and share my experience. I presently live in Malaysia with my family. Enjoy cooking and baking. In the process  More...



Mandy held on to hope that her husband and her situation would change as she tried to honour her commitment despite all signs pointing to this being an unworkable marriage. A Heart That Breaks the Soil takes you across the vast expanses of Africa and into the insecure realm of the human psyche. The author speaks to her audience with frankness and from experience, sharing the remarkable resilience of some women who cope, forgive and even laugh during the most difficult of situations. This is the story of how one woman struggled to find her way in the search for that one coveted destination: a happy life. It is Mandy’s story but it will become yours as well as you enter her world of trials and deep sadness, mixed in with humour, friendship and love.