Song of the Storm (Stone Trilogy)

ABOUT Mariam Kobras

Mariam Kobras
Winner of the 2012 Bronze and the 2013 Silver Independent Publisher's Book Awards for her Romance writing, Mariam was born in Frankfurt, Germany. She and her family lived in Brazil and Saudi Arabia before they decided to settle in Germany. She attended school there and studied American Lit More...



When dreams come true for some and worlds crash for others, when friendships are tested and true love is found at last--that is the Song of the Storm.
The conclusion of the award-winning Stone Trilogy brings the love story of Jon and Naomi full circle; with some things lost and some things gained, they discover the true value of love and family, and the high cost of survival in our world today.


"With a sigh, he turned around. There she was: Naomi, a slender, fragile woman with fair skin and black, curly hair, big, dark eyes, and a lovely mouth, the vision of all his dreams, the heart of all his songs, his reason for being alive. He could close his eyes, and his hands would be able to trace her shape in the air, every curve and angle, every breath. . . .
They had come so far, through so many trials, and here they were, in calm waters, as if every song of the storm had been sung, and were only memories now."

Advance Praise for Song of the Storm:

"[A]s well-written as the two previous books. Mariam tugged my heartstrings, made me feel I was inside the story, and left me wanting more. This is one I will want to reread." ~ Sharon Allert

"Kobras drops readers straight back into the emotionally taut lives of Naomi and Jon, leaving us breathless from the first scene. She knows how to unfold a story, leaving us curious and anticipating every delicious revelation. As if that weren't enough, she provides the gift of beautifully constructed sentences the kind that demand we stop and savor the moments of her characters lives. With lush writing and perfect pacing, Kobras really delivers with this storytelling feat." ~ Johanna Harness, author of stories for young people set in the American West

"It brings new depth to the saga of Jon and Naomi and continues to delight with well-written prose that captures the reader's imagination." ~ Delores Hipps, television producer, WSET ABC13