Blue Magic Woman

Blue Magic Woman

ABOUT James Van Loon

James van Loon
James van Loon besides being a novelist is a university psychology instructor, chartered psychologist, and international consultant. His artistic and scientific journey is one of many divergent paths, spanning a brief career as a radio disc jockey in his native USA, an introspective experi More...



This riveting psychological murder mystery is an echo from the edge, a story between two voices, a novel within a novel about a mysterious blue magic woman who casts a seductive spell on Michael, a passionate, but troubled young artist living in a disjointed world of eroticism and mysticism. Plagued by guilt, a series of complicated love affairs, and his terrifying, kaleidoscope imagination, Michael sets out on a journey of discovery to find out not only who murdered his uncle, a Benedictine monk, and a beautiful young postulate in a monastery in the Alps, but to fathom who he really is, and where he fits into the world with the blue magic woman. In his attempt to solve these psychological mysteries, his travels take him to an Alpine monastery, an arctic asylum, and Sahara sand dunes where a series of surreal events and bizarre characters cause Michael’s fragile mind to fragment into different personalities who enact a story of madness, and push him to limits to where what is real blurs into confusion with what is not, as the blue magic woman creates a world of the interior to which none have access except Michael.