Another Year or Two

General Fiction

By Robin Deutschendorf

Publisher : Brown Wing Press

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Robin Deutschendorf



Reviews from Goodreads:

“I fell in love with all of the characters.”

“ I got hooked and couldn't put it down.”

“I'd read something clever and think, man, Kyle's the best. But then I'd be laughing at the witticisms of Madison or the lovesick yearnings of Lara.”


Lara lives in the small town of Turnpost, South Dakota. She’s not sure why she started writing a blog. In 2002, it’s just the thing to do.

She’s not the only one blogging. Follow five characters in different walks of life as their paths overlap (or just miss each other) in a variety of ways. A story about unexpected connections and the difficulty of change, ANOTHER YEAR OR TWO is a charming, multilayered glimpse into the thoughts of people who have no idea who is reading what they post.

Turnpost came into existence in 2009, when my husband and I road-tripped from Iowa to Montana and back for a wedding. We passed through the town of Spearfish, SD. Neither of us had ever been to that region before. We spent a night camping in the forest and part of a morning wandering the small streets. I was utterly charmed by the landscape, and came home wanting to write a book with that backdrop. I set to writing East of Turnpost, a story about two sisters, May and Taylor, who have been geographically separated for a long time but end up living together on Taylor’s remote ranch outside the fictional town of Turnpost. In writing the story I made up details about the town, dropped in a few secondary characters, and didn’t think a whole lot more about it. I finished writing the book in 2011. (It’s still awaiting some rewriting before it is published.) Then, in 2012, I had space to fill. I had just finished writing The Questionable Company of Sprites and I wanted to work on something rather different. I felt I needed to work on developing unique voices and points of view for different characters, so decided to create a blog in which I posted fictional accounts written by five different characters. I built the website on a lightweight blogging platform called Chyrp, and went to town. It was an unbelievably fun project. I got to spend time with a host of different characters and the town of Turnpost fleshed itself out. Although only tangentially connected to the characters from East of Turnpost, I enjoyed writing about a place I’d already “been.” The project turned into Another Year or Two. . . my first published novel. After that, I returned to Finn’s world for a time, but after rewriting The Teardrop Game I found myself looking for another break. I’d enjoyed my first blogging exercise so much, I started another one. The Diary of Roger Jones concerns a character who eventually ends up in Turnpost but starts during his childhood on a ranch in rural northern Nevada. I didn’t really set out to create a fictional town in South Dakota and populate it with dozens of characters, but now that it’s happened I have no regrets. I plan to return to Turnpost regularly for the rest of my writing career.

“…a fantastically true to life story that readers both young and old will enjoy.”

“The author masters a range of voices and tones (complete with orthographic tics)... Another Year or Two is a quiet pleasure to read, one all too quickly devoured.”

“Robin Stephen has successfully developed a novel where both teenage and adult characters share stories that overlap with each other.”

“There aren't monsters or magic; it's just very, very human, and beautifully so... Stephen's writing is beautiful, and each character's voice is different from the others.”