Shadows of Truth

ABOUT Angie Robinson

Angie Robinson
I live in New Jersey with my family. I'm writing other novels, sharing about my journey on my blog, and inspiring others through speaking engagements. I'm a midwestern transplant to the east coast and an ex-expat who traveled extensively in Europe for almost three years.  I like to wr More...



When traumatic memories surface, Drea Hartman's life unravels into rage, revenge, and self-destruction as she faces her worst enemy - truth. Her search for answers and justice wreaks havoc on her relationships, threatens her faith, and tests her inner strength. Plunging into a downward spiral as each piece of the puzzle emerges from the darkness, she is caught between a desperate pursuit of truth and the desire to forget. Must she forgive in order to forget? 
Will Drea's desperation keep her stuck or ignite her courage to change?