unSpirituality - Permission To Be Human

ABOUT Christopher Loren

Christopher Loren
Christopher Loren's interests lie in the subjective area of human experience as a natural phenomenon. After a 30 year spiritual journey he argues against the definitions handed down through esoteric traditions and offers a new vision for body-based wisdom and understanding. He has been on  More...



Unspirituality removes the delusion of the spiritual self and its story. Childhood suppression is at the seat of religious and spiritual delusion which becomes the arena for the retrieval of a shamed imagination.

Unspirituality strips away centuries of delusion. The spiritual story was once an answer to the anxieties of the natural world, but now has become a colorful cage in which humans are trapped. It is an insidious trance that has perpetuated needless suffering for our species up to the modern day.

We have been led to look in the wrong direction. We have been bamboozled, beguiled, betrayed. We have been cheated for far too long. We have been led to believe our enemy lies "out there." We have been led to "believe." Our plight lies in the emotional investment of our identification with the image. I predict an awakening on this planet of epic proportions, where the realization of this conspiracy will spring to life. I see the long hardened road of religious and spiritual delusion coming to an end, like a domino effect, cascading across the globe. Our species is angry on a deep level. We know something has been wrong for a long time. We are tired of being thrown the scraps. This is primal, guttural; the scream of an exhausted humanity who will not take no for an answer. Who refuse to be duped any longer. It is the voice of reason and the shout of change!

This book is a reminder of who we are in the natural world and a call to stand up and be proud to be human without the spiritual story.