Tri System's Edge: Humble Beginnings

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Ron Schrader

Publisher : KWYM Publishing

ABOUT Ron Schrader

Ron Schrader
Early on in life, Ron Schrader learned he had a knack for writing, but in spite of any skill or talent that existed, Ron chose to travel a different path.

For several years, Ron worked in the IT field where he grew to love technology. In 2012, he made a job change that pulled h More...



Tri System's Edge: Humble Beginnings

"Paradise is a pretty deceptive name for such a deadly planet, but how was I supposed to know it was infested with Vie? I didn’t even know what Vie were, not until I was attacked…"

Trying to maintain order in the Tri Systems is no small job for The Directive. Chaos abounds with militias, smugglers, and criminals of the worst kind, all looking out for number one.

Kalla’s no different, but fate has other plans for her. When her ship crash lands on Paradise, the chain of events that follow put her on a path that could mean the end of the Tri Systems...

...or maybe just the beginning?

Humble Beginnings

The story began several years ago when I just started typing away. The first chapter has significantly changed from how it started out, but the concept of the story has only improved with time.