Digweed, the Cat The Complete Adventures

Children's Books, General Fiction

By Eric Pullin

Publisher : Inknbeans Press

ABOUT Eric Pullin

Eric Pullin



Once upon a time there was a black cat called Digweed

Born in a hedgerow to a mother who had once been a housecat, Digweed dreamed of living a life of luxury in the home of human beings. Though still just a very young kitten, he said goodbye to his five brothers and sisters and set out to search for his dream.

They say that black cats are lucky and fortune certainly smiled on Digweed when he was welcomed into the lives of Eric and Penny.

He was loved and he was safe. He had a whole new world to explore, a summer house to nap in, a birdbath to drink from and a bell and collar with his name on. Digweed's dream had come true, until the day he chased a mouse and became lost - far from home.

This is the story of the many adventures that Digweed experienced whilst trying to find his way back to the home that he loved. On his travels he met many people, made many friends and used up almost all of his nine lives.

These are the almost entirely true adventures of Digweed; he’s a hero, a friend, an escape artist, a fortune teller and a Ratbag.

5 Stars - By emiee55
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Digweed The Cat is a great book! I got all the mini books in one and I'm glad I did. I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on any of Digweed's adventures. The author really got into the character of a cat. The great storytelling from the views of being a cat, what they think and do was really funny, and quite probably true. It was a fascinating journey that Digweed takes us when he strays too far from home and gets caught on the RV. I laughed a lot, cried a little, and was very happy with the ending. Get this book so you too can experience the adventures of Digweed The Cat!

4 Stars - By smilingi
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I enjoyed this book, the author has a good sense of humour, I was always wondering what new thing Digweed would get into, what new friends he would make. I would be pulling for him to reach his destination. It was a fast read and I would follow further books about Digweed.

5 Stars - By tzefirah
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I was completely charmed by this collection. Digweed is a great cat. Eric Pullin is a wonderful storyteller. I was riveted to my seat while Digweed worked to return home.

To parents who might want to read these stories to their children, there is no animal abuse in the books. Although Digweed has some harrowing experiences, all the humans appreciate cats and take care of them. I highly recommend this book for some parent-child bonding.

The five little adventures are available individually, or the complete adventures may be obtained in one volume.