Gone World: Episode One (Escape) (Gone World post-apocalyptic series)

Gone World: Episode One (Escape) (Gone World post-apocalyptic series)

ABOUT Alex Rosaria

Alex Rosaria
I write horror stories, but also likes to branch out to other genres when my creativity demands it. I'm a man that loves the freedom writing creates allowing me to write down my most creative thoughts and share this with anyone willing to read it. Contact:  



What we feared happened. World War III happened. Nuclear war happened.

The United States of America—along with most of the world—has been left in rubble. Pockets of resistance fighters are still fighting the good fight against the invaders, the Sino-Russian Alliance.

Nick and Tina, two rebels, have narrowly escaped an ambush, but Russians still surround them. With the rebel city destroyed and cordoned off by thick walls, their chances to get out alive are slim to none.