Dark Horse: How Challenger Companies Rise to Prominence

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Dan Mack
Dan Mack brings 25 years of strategic sales, business development, and industry insights to his clients.  He is the founder and leads the prestigious Elevation Forum executive group that provides counsel and insight to many of today’s growth companies.  His consulting practice offers More...



In Dark Horse: How Challenger Companies Rise To Prominence, business veteran Dan Mack takes you inside the minds, hearts, and boardrooms of dark horse companies who winning big despite having the odds stacked against them. 
From the beloved Wiffle ball and bat to the highly stylized line of Method soap, and PURELL hand sanitizer, there is no shortage of dark horse companies to root for in the American business race today. 
Early Praise for DARK HORSE: 
“Dark Horse is an insightful look at companies who came out of nowhere to establish themselves as leaders… Dan Mack does a great job of telling their stories and combining his own experiences and has produced a must-read book for anyone who is inventing or re-inventing their business.” 
Ken Martindale, President and COO, Rite Aid 
“We all have aspired to ride a dark horse, but this elusive creature has always been an unpredictable path to growth. Dan has handed us the playbook by breaking down for all of us how dark horses win and how you, too, can outrun your better resourced competitors and upset industries.”  
Eric Ryan, co-founder, Method Home Inc. 
“Dark Horse offers a humane view of business and brand success that you're unlikely to find in any business school or MBA program. We love it when the underdog pulls into the lead and wins the race, don't we? If you dream of becoming the dark horse in your consumer product space, you need to read this book.” 
Perry Marshall, author of Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords and 80/20 Sales and Marketing