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Teo Cezar



a world ruled by a 'perfect' chaos, at the peak of the highest decadence, the
falling of the everlasting gold has started. It is a time when people have to pawn their souls, minds, spirits and other most valuable 'assets', so they can buy more measurable time which means the prolonging of their very existence and agonies. For time to come the survivors will be those who will follow only their instincts rather than following their judgments. For some of them it is time to turn to God whereas for the others - a few of them were left - it is time to ask anagrammatic questions at which others must find complex answers.

a dystopian atheistic novel alluding to the roots of atheism in literature, brings
novelty to the realm of fiction, taking the reader on an unexpected futuristic
journey in a world where the dominant rulers are mighty time and the earthly

eighteen-year-old boys, Ahma and Jovian, through a scheme contrived by the head
of the State, Alzegotha, and the mighty State itself, with the help of Black
Petal - Alzegotha's beautiful fiancée - and with the support of the Pawn Factory
and MondoCash are forced by the harshness of the times to embark on a quest of survival and therefore have no other choice but to start selling tickets to Hereafter.