The Art of Magic Realm of the Castles

ABOUT Sharon Wheater

Sharon Wheater
My name is Sharon, I don't have a middle name, my parents didn't have much imagination! I live in Spain on Costa Blanca which is finally where I have settled after quite a hectic life. I spent several years in the Royal Navy where I traveled extensively and had the chance to serve my count More...



Have you ever wished for death? I have. I was just 10 years old when I was taken from my home and locked away with other children, never to see the light of day again. None of us knew why we had been taken but we were tortured, abused and now I have been rescued, I want to stop it happening again. My journey starts when I am taken back to Amethyst Castle in Garnatia, I realise everything I ever knew was a web of lies and I had to find out the truth, but nothing was as it seemed.
Have you ever wished for death....not anymore.