I Forgive Me... I Am Free: Following the world herd is now gone like yesterday's dawn as I am instantly free?

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Robert A. Wilson



I relish the emotional energy of “I forgive me I am free” authorizes me to skywrite my hallowed name in the worldly sky to show the world I encompass the valor to show me “I forgive me I am free.” Now I ask this question. How luminary liberating do I feel as I say I forgive me I am free? Opens a new mode of looking at life to soar in my spiritual zeal to wow the world to relish I marvel in mystical magical miracles... To Beam the Gleam of Love to grasp I am the quarterback of my life setting free my pose of 3 prayer peace and prosperity because I abound in boldness and astound with wisdom expressing… My heart visions unleashing my daredevil visionary to show my I am a free lancing avant-garde express my august augur stalwart autonomy to the world because I am free because I forgive me to be triumphantly terrific in every facet of my life now to eternity.