It's A Ruff Life


B R Tracey looked after a golden retriever dog named Rover and this is where the character of Max first came about.  She is also a holistic therapist and embraces anything that creates a happy and healthy lifestyle. She lives in the English countryside and is lucky enough to be able to g More...



After his success in stopping the Gold Fingered Gang. Max, the top MI6 Canine Agent is sent under cover to discover what Lord Alfred, Mayor of Beckingham is up to!

While he's there he comes across Bella, Lord Alfred's champion pedigree teenage doglet who turns out to be a massive thorn in his side and almost blows his mission.

How can Max save his mission and help Bella get what she wants before being discovered?

Find out in this funniest, craziest, action packed adventure that the two most ill matched dogs take together.

This is the first book in the awesome new children's action packed comedy series 'Ruff Life' that promises to have your children and you laughing aloud for hours.

Look out for their next explosive adventure 'Diamond In The Ruff'.