A Unique Documentary of Health through Nutrition

Self-Help and Personal Development, Health, Mind & Body

By Konstantinos "Gus"T. Deligiannidis

Publisher : Konstantinos "Gus"T. Deligiannidis,BA,MBA

ABOUT Konstantinos "Gus"T. Deligiannidis

Konstantinos "Gus"T. Deligiannidis
Konstantinos "Gus" Deligiannidis is a native of Greece. After completing his undergraduate studies in Athens, Greece with a BS in Business & Economics, he came to the United States to complete his graduate studies. He completed the graduate program of Business Administration  More...



A Unique Documentary of Health through Nutrition is a documented story of a unique individual that treated and corrected his health with problems in 4 major areas: 1. Blood Pressure 2. Weight Loss 3. High Cholesterol 4. Anxiety Disorder Read it, enjoy it, practice it, and share it with a friend. Remember: Everything in moderation. Ultimately, you will add many healthy years to your life.

Review by: Adrienna Taylor on Dec. 06, 2013 : star star star star star 
Awesome Book!!! It is very informative. Since health insurance is so expensive these days, this book gives you alternative methods to help with weight loss, high blood pressure, cholesterol and anxiety. It is definitely worth the price to download and you get the workbook for free. I will recommend this book to my family and friends.